Favorite Cold Remedies

I’ve been dealing with a cold/horrendous allergies for about a week now and nearly everyone I know is or has been sick lately which can only mean one thing - it’s officially cold season.  I try to avoid taking medicine as much as I can but eventually had to bust out some Sudafed this weekend and remembered why I hate it so much - I was loopy/tired/weird for days. Last week on Facebook, I asked for people’s favorite home remedies and got lots of great ideas so I thought I would compile  the ideas into one post - so let’s get to it:


Tea: I’m not a huge tea drinker despite the fact that I really like tea - I just prefer coffee. Tea with raw honey & lemon is my go-to elixir, particularly when I have a sore throat. I really like the Yogi brand “Immunity” tea (and all of their teas) - it’s delicious and I swear it makes me better.

Apple Cider Vinegar: People swear by this stuff and I do think it makes a difference for me when I’m sick.  I usually do a very small amount of ACV in water with some ginger and honey. Magic.


Bone broth/soup:  Even if it is just a placebo effect, I’m a firm believer in the healing power of soup. I haven’t made a legit batch of bone broth (yet) but I do make my chicken soup with bone-in chicken and let it cook for a looong time to extract all the goodness that resides in the bones.  I’ve got a recipe here and most people recommend >this recipe for bone broth.

Whiskey: My favorite remedy (obviously). Hot toddies are one of my go-to night time remedies even though I tend to stay away from alcohol when I’m sick. I usually brew some decaf tea, add a small shot of whiskey, plenty of honey and lemon, and sip before I go to bed. Healing and delicious.


Ice or heat packs: When I get sick, I tend to get very achy - combine that with workout soreness and it feels like my body just can’t recover. I actually used my Ouch Wrap a ton last week when I was feeling pretty bad - it helped alleviate some of my acheyness and felt good on my slightly feverish self. (P.S. - You can get a 20% discount until 11/1 using the code GGF20! on the> site!)

Garlic: When I’m sick, one of my go-to meals (besides) soup, is honey garlic chicken. I use a straight up obnoxious amount of garlic and some honey and saute with chicken thighs. Garlic has some great healing properties plus, it’s a nice break from soup.

What are your go-to home remedies when you’re feeling sick?