Harvest Your Health - an EPIC Health Ebook Sale Starts TODAY!! {SALE HAS ENDED}

*This post contains affiliate links. As an affiliate, I receive a small amount of compensation for each purchase. As usual, all opinions expressed are my own* Guys, I am SO excited to share this with you because not only is it an insane deal but it's an it involves SO many wonderful ebooks (like one of my favorite Paleo cookbooks, Well Fed) and products (hello discount on coconut butter!) that I may have actually squealed with excitement when I saw the list.

So here's the deal:

You can get 71 (yes, SEVENTY-ONE!) ebooks plus meal plans, online magazine subscriptions, AND product discounts this week for....get this, $37. Seriously. The total value of this incredible bundle comes in at $1,107 meaning you get a 97%  discount and that doesn't even include the value of all of the product discounts!! I'm a big ebook reader and consumer of information in general so this deal practically made my little nerd heart explode. A boat load of health & wellness ebooks, magazines, etc. for just under $40 - that's practically unheard of.

The bundle doesn't just include just paleo cookbooks either - it has a whole variety of ebooks and information sources on several topics including fitness, personal and skin care, fertility, and even a vegan book or two. Although if you are just getting started with paleo or primal, this would be an info treasure trove!

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In addition to that, you get online magazine subscriptions to:

AND 3 meal plans.

AND 18 product discounts.


So what are you waiting for?! The sale starts TODAY and only lasts 7 days.