Random Things Thursday

1. I’m 2 days out from my strongman competition and actually feeling not extremely nervous. I had my last deload workout yesterday evening and pretty much just feel ready. At this point, all I can I do is rest and recover hard until it is go time on Saturday. I’m sure I will be super nervous come Saturday morning but for now, I’ll take the calm.


2. You never know how much stuff you will actually need for something like a competition until you start listing it out. I’m firmly in the always-over-prepared camp so my list may be a bit longer than it should be.

3. It feels like fall and I absolutely love it. Bring on pumpkin EVERYTHING. #sorrynotsorry

4. THANK YOU to everyone who has been wishing me luck via every social media outlet about Saturday. I really, truly appreciate it! You guys are awesome :)


5. If there was a competition for list making - I would totally win. My nerdy heart loves it.

6. One of my best friends is getting married in a few months and all of the emails about bachelorette party and bridal shower and making me SO excited for her. It’s going to be a ridiculous amount of fun.

7. I plan on writing a few posts about my strongman competition including a recap, and some things like what I packed, what worked/didn’t work, etc. Is there anything else anyone is curious about?


That’s all I’ve got. Now, I need MORE COFFEE.