My Favorite Pre, Intra, & Post-Workout Foods

As my competition nears (getting so close!), I've been thinking about what I'm going to bring with me to eat. The event is most likely going to last from 10-5 or 6 so I'm going to be in for a long day. I will make sure to post about what I end up bringing and what worked/didn't work.  But for now, I thought I would talk about what I eat before, after, and during my workouts since I've gotten a few questions about it! Pre-workout: I generally have a pretty picky stomach and I don't do well with a ton of "real" food in my stomach before I workout so I tend to stick to pretty basic stuff. I try to mostly stick to stuff that is easy to digest and that will stick with me for a few hours. I generally I like some carbs, some protein, and fats before a workout.

- bacon

- pureed pumpkin or sweet potato

- coffee with coconut milk

- jerky

- almond butter

- protein powder

Intra-workout: I very rarely eat or take in anything during a workout unless I'm going to be in the gym for 2+ hours. I focus on liquids and quick digesting sugars for when I need a little something.

- protein powder (Check out the ad in the sidebar for 5% of a custom or pre-made mix from True Nutrition!)

- candy. Yes, really! There have been times when I have felt weak or dizzy or like I need some immediate energy and candy has definitely helped.

- fruit + carb purees - baby food is awesome for this

Post-workout: I eat a TON after my workouts. I focus mainly on getting a bunch of carbs and protein to help facilitate recovery and strength gains. Also, if I'm going to eat something like chips, fries, ice cream, or a milkshake - it's going to be a hard and heavy workout. Because everyone knows that milkshakes = gainz.

- rice - my go-to carb source for post-workout food.

- regular potatoes

- sweet potatoes

- pumpkin


- ice cream!

- protein powder (protein powder + rice + some almond milk or coconut milk + maple syrup & cinnamon = post-workout rice pudding!)

- beef - I always crave steak or a burger after a workout so I eat more beef than anything else after a workout.

- dates


Anyone have a favorite pre or post workout food?