One Year Ago

So I somehow missed my 1 year crossfit-aversery (that’s a thing now I guess) because I was busy squatting. How appropriate. I found my OLD notebook the other day and realized that it has been over a year since I took my first "official” aka not fundamentals class at my gym. Flipping through the old notebook pages was equal parts hilarious and eye-opening. My first ever WOD involved deadlifts and then an awful combo of kettlebell swings and 400m runs (try it - your hamstrings will hate you) followed the next day by "Jackie”. I remember feeling like I just might not survive, that it was hard, that it hurt and that maybe I should just go back to my old gym. Instead, I just kept showing up 4 or 5 days a week and putting in the work. And I haven't looked back since.

(3 months or so after starting and a month ago)

I transitioned from mostly "crossfit” style workouts (lots of WODs) to more weightlifting style stuff (our barbell program) in February/March and have been sticking with it. I’ve got a strongman competition in just over a month. I'm approaching squatting 200lbs...for reps. I spent the morning helping my coach build boxes for the new gym location. Afterwards, I promptly came home, showered, ate a ridiculous amount of food, and read an article about the psychology of weightlifting. In a few hours, I'll be spending my Friday evening squatting, trying to catch my  breath after doing a heavy set of 5 with a belt, doing rack pulls, pressing, and being covered in chalk and sweat.

Basically, if you would have told me last year that this is what I would be doing – I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

(snatches are my favorite)

I’ve done several updates on my progress, PRs, and other things along the way (you can check them all out here) and truthfully at this point, I’m not quite sure what to write (say?) that I haven’t said before. The fact that I'm kind of at a loss for words is surprising to me - I spend most of time communicating whether it is through teaching, writing here, or writing freelance things. I will say this though - I’m very thankful for all of the awesome people at my gym and even more thankful for the awesome coaches.

I’ve learned a lot over the past year but the most important thing I’ve learned is this: I still have a lot to learn. And I can’t wait.

(reverse banded deadlifts - 275# for 3)

1st Month/Current:

 Deadlift: 145x3/240 (sort of old)

Back Squat: 130/195x2

Front Squat: 115/165 (sort of old)

Clean: 78/123

Clean & Jerk: 78/118

Snatch: 53/88

Since February/March….

 Back Squat: 130x5/195x3

Bench Press: 90x1/93x3

Clean: 103/123

Clean & Jerk: 103/118

Snatch: 68/88

P.S. This is the gym I go to - if you're in Richmond, come check it out!