Weekend Things

Just a little glimpse into what I've been up to lately, mostly taken from Instagram (follow me for lots of gym, coffee, food, and silly dog pictures!). I'm running around trying to get a TON of stuff done since I will actually be on vacation starting Wednesday which means taking care of a week's worth of work by tomorrow. Time to hit the caffeine, hard. So let's talk about my weekend. The majority of my weekend was spent sweating - no surprise there.


I spent Friday morning building boxes with my coach at the new gym location (which is massive and I'm really excited about it). There was a lot of sweat and sawdust involved.


Friday evening = gym time which included power jerks, 185x5 back squat (I stalled out around 195 for reps so coach had me take a few steps back to get to that 200x5), a seriously bombed out strict press attempt, 5x3 rack pulls which ended with 250x3, and some dips to top it off. I forgot how much I like deadlifting - the only bad part? Getting in and out of the belt I use and the subsequent belt bruises the next day.


After lifting all the weights, I hung around the gym for our weekly beer exchange and ate tons of food and drank wine of plastic cups. #keepingitclassy


I got invited by a former coworker to spend a few hours on Saturday in the garage gym of another former coworker's husband who has been a weightlifter for 40+ years and was the MC at the weightlifting meet I attended a few weeks ago. I was covered in sweat (humid garage + weightlifting drills = you can wring out your shirt) and had such a great time. I got complimented on my speed & nice positions and learned a TON. He didn't necessarily point out anything that my coach doesn't yell about me about already but it was good to get some additional cues and spend some time working on little things.

The rest of Saturday was spent eating absolutely everything in sight and resting hard (read: doing nothing).


Sunday involved an hour long foam rolling/lacrosse ball/mobility torture session. I normally just do that at home but I went ahead and went to the gym to do it because there are more fun toys there and it would actually force me to spend some solid time working the knots of out my quads and traps.


The rest of the day involved some work, finding a dress for a wedding this weekend, and relaxing.

Hope everyone has a great Monday and rest of the week!

P.S. If you haven't planned your meals for the week yet, check out my meal plan over at Relay Foods. I will be positing up meal plans every week with lots of options (gluten-free, vegetarian) so if you need some dinner inspiration - check it out!