Poblano & Hard Cider Carnitas

*Sidenote: Did you know that my personal chef company now offers meal & menu planning services?! Whether you need help planning a special anniversary menu or want a meal plan CUSTOM tailored to your specific nutrition needs and preferences - we can help! Check it out!* These may be the best carnitas I've ever made.

poblano & hard cider carnitas

That's a pretty bold statement coming from someone who makes some variation of pulled pork or carnitas nearly every week since it's cheap and you can get A LOT of food. Plus, it's pork...which means it's delicious. I made about 3lbs or so of meat last night and I will be shocked it makes it until tomorrow -it took serious self control not eat half of the pan in one sitting.

The best part was that the entire recipe is pretty hands-off - there is some hands-on time for searing the meat, shredding it, and moving it to a pan but that's about it. If you want to the process to be entirely hands-off, you could make it an slow cooker using a similar method to this pulled pork recipe, it just won't be very crispy. I don't know if it's the changing weather (COME ONE FALL HURRRRRRY UP!) or what, but these carnitas just felt perfectly appropriate for dinner last night. They're a little cinnamon-y, savory, and a touch sweet from the hard cider which means they have a touch of fall, a touch of summer, and all the deliciousness you can stand.

poblano & hard cider carnitas

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