Week 1 of Strongman Training

I’m about one week into training for a strongman competition in September - the week before I ended my current cycle of programming and since my schedule is shifting, again, I took this week to do some different things before I start up on the normal, but slightly modified for me, program. Seeing as I have NEVER done anything strongman-specific, I’ve got a LOT of work to do but it’s been fun to change it up.


This week, I spent a good chunk of time learning how to load a stone & practicing said skill. We don’t very many strongman implements at the gym so my coach and I are working with what we have for now. I must say, loading stones is much more difficult than it looks but it really is a lot of fun. There is something very satisfying about picking up a concrete stone and putting it on a platform. It is also very tiring - mostly because it is something new for me. And let me tell you, it makes your upper back and biceps all types of sore in ways you didn’t know you could be sore. Also, atlas stone rash is this season's hottest accessory.



Day 1:

Stone row 3x3

Stone lap 3x1

Stone to platform 3x1

back squat deload

pull up 5x5

dip 3x8


Day 2:

Stone row 1x3

Stone lap 4x2

Stone to platform 3x1

back squat 2x5 (heavier)

strict press 2x5 (heavier)

pull ups 5x4


Day 3:

max effort stones

back squat deload 2x5

bench press deload 2x5

hip thrusters 2x15


On Day 2, Sunday for me, I was humbly reminded how difficult it is to learn something new. Even though I had practice on Friday (Day 1), loading those stones was tough. After I moved on to my squats, I did 165 for 2x5, and it felt hard - not so much because my legs were tired (they weren’t super exhausted) but because my nervous system just kind of spent. I actually came home from the gym that day and laid down for a good 60 minutes - I didn’t sleep (I can never nap unless I am super sick) but I just kind of laid there and rested. I can’t remember the last time I felt like I worked so hard. It just goes to show how powerful routines are.



Overall, I have realized I have SO MUCH work to do and I won’t lie and say I’m not intimidated by it because I am. But more than anything, I’m really excited. It is a really nice change of pace and I’m looking forward to learning a lot more new things. At this point, I don’t really care if I get last place or DNF some of the competition events - I know I won’t be the strongest girl there and that’s fine by me. I care more about putting in the work and doing the best that I can. Plus, post-workout cookies make everything worth it ;) And that is a whole lot of fun.