Kitchen Essentials: Groceries Edition

I’m a creature of habit – I know, shocking right? I eat pretty much the same thing everyday which means I usually buy the same things at the grocery store every week! Speaking of grocery stores, you may have noticed a little banner on the sidebar for Relay Foods. I’ve talked about Relay many times before and I’m happy to announce that I am now a Relay Foods affiliate! I’ve used Relay for a while now and absolutely love the company. If you’ve never tried Relay Foods before – get on it! You can save $30 on your first order of $50 or more when you click the ad and order through me. You cannot beat delicious local food that you can pick up (easiest grocery shopping EVER) or even have it delivered to your door! Anyways, let’s talk about some of my kitchen essentials. Meat/Proteins

Eggs – I usually buy 2-3 dozen every week. Yeah, we eat a LOT of eggs around here.

How I use it: I will hardboil 8 or so to have on hand for snacks/breakfasts-to-go and then the rest we eat scrambled, over easy, poached…pretty much anyway you can think of!

Chicken – I’ve been buying more and more whole chickens lately because they’re cheaper and you get a ton of food! Even better?

How I use it: They are super easy to make – here is my favorite way to make them!

Grass-fed ground beef – I usually crave beef in a completely ridiculous way so I tend to eat a ton of it. I always splurge for grass-fed because it doesn’t cost that much more than regular & the benefits make it worth it. Plus, it’s super versatile.

How I use it: I sauté it up or make these burgers. Or just eat it out of a mug with some broccoli.

Bacon – I mean, do I really even have to explain this?

How I use it: From pan straight to mouth. I also use it to wrap fish in (bacon wrapped cod = amazing), to add to roasted brussel sprouts, and to top an apple & nut butter snack. DO THAT.


Fish/Seafood – My favorite fish are salmon, cod, mahi mahi, snapper, branzino…basically, there isn’t much seafood that I don’t like. I also love mussels (bonus because they are mega-cheap!), clams, and shrimp!

How I use it: I usually pan-sear or bake my fish and keep it simple with a little salt and pepper and maybe some fresh lemon. For things like shrimp, I love making coconut milk curries like this one.



Broccoli – My husband and I can easily eat a bunch of broccoli, each, in one sitting so we tend to buy a mix of both fresh and frozen.

How I use it: We usually roast our broccoli – drizzle with a bit of coconut oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and in a 400 degree oven for a few minutes.

Frozen green beans – crispy green beans are my favorite salty crispy side dish and frozen are way cheaper and last longer than the fresh ones (although those are ah-mazing when they are in season).

How I use it: Make green bean “fries” by roasting them like I roast my broccoli! I also throw them into curries, soups, everything!


Carrots – Between my husband, my dog (she LOVES them), and I, we can put a serious dent in 5lb bag of carrots in a week.

How I use it: My favorite way to snack on them is with mustard – don’t knock it till you try it.

Sweet potatoes – I eat so.many. sweet potatoes every week – I usually bake some up on the weekend and mash them in a bowl and keep them in the fridge.

How I use it: I will top them with salt & cinnamon, nut butter, grass-fed butter, and even some beef and chili flakes when I’m feeling fancy.


Frozen berries – I’m kind of obsessed with smoothies right now because 1.) it’s hot 2.) it’s an easy way to get calories in when my stomach is being testy. My current favorite mix is the very cherry mix from Trader Joe’s.

How I use it: Mainly in smoothies but nothing beats some blended up frozen berries with coconut whipped cream for a summer dessert – so good!


Shredded Cabbage – I use this in everything since I can’t eat lettuce (minus spinach).

How I use it: I use it as a salad base, to make big batches of coleslaw for the week, and in any sort of stir fry. Also, it is deeelicious sautéed in grass-fed butter with some ground beef. YUM.



Avocados – I’m probably going to turn into an avocado at the rate I eat them. I put them on/in everything.

How I use it: Lately, I’m loving them in smoothies. My favorite mix is cocoa powder, avocado, espresso, protein powder, ice – insane.


Coconut oil – I use it in everything: coffee, cooking, baking, as a moisturizer,

How I use it: In and on EVERYTHING.


Grass-fed Butter – ESSENTIAL for my version of bulletproof coffee and possibly one of the most delicious things ever.

How I use it: I use it in my coffee and I love cooking my eggs in grass-fed butter or using it over potatoes.


Random Stuff

Coconut – I always have several cans of coconut milk (or Trader Joe’s coconut cream) on hand and some sort of coconut flakes or shredded coconut.

How I use it: I use coconut milk in my coffee, in my smoothies, and to make coconut whipped cream. I eat coconut flakes by the handful or to make trail mix.


Canned tuna – I can’t even tell you how much canned tuna we eat…it’s a lot. Tuna (or canned salmon!) is a super easy way to get a ton of protein plus, it doesn’t need to be cooked which is great for the hot summer season.

How I use it: I make tuna cakes or just eat it with a bit of mustard or maybe some hot sauce.

Protein powder – my go-to right now is a custom mix from True Nutrition (you can save 5% by using my affiliate code GGF!). Yes, you can make YOUR OWN custom mix - they have lots of great paleo, vegan, other options. I usually get 50% beef isolate, 25% grass-fed whey, & 25% native milk isolate in vanilla cake batter flavor.

How I use it: I use it after workouts & in smoothies – perfect for the summer time. Occasionally I use it make some protein pudding.



And that’s it! P.S. The Under Armour giveaway winner has been announced on the original post!


What are some of your kitchen essentials?