Comfort Zones are Overrated

I'm rambley (not a word but it is now) today - like every other day -  so bear with me. I'm a person who is rather resistant to change - I'm incredibly stubborn, thrive under routine, and like to have a plan. Life has been crazy, crazy busy (in a good way) and there are LOTS of changes happening. It takes me a long time to make changes and then once I've made my decision, I want it to happen immediately. I get very impatient and sick of waiting for things to occur, even though I know it's necessary. Bottom line = me & change don't get along so well.

But change is necessary and it happens, so I've been working on just DOING IT instead of over-thinking/analyzing the heck out of it. I've decided to just take the leap instead of calculating the trajectory, thinking about all possible outcomes, evaluating those outcomes, and then talking myself out of it because success isn't guaranteed. I mean, what is the worst that can happen? Failure. And really, failure isn't that bad. Failure = learning and that's something I need to remind myself of on a daily basis.

So why am I rambling about change and failure? Because lately, I've been SO inspired by others working hard to reach their goals, overcoming failure and setbacks, and jumping into change with abandon. Seeing others step out of theirs made me start thinking of my own comfort zone. I am a complete comfort zone junkie and frankly, I'm sick of it. It takes so much effort to shield yourself from failure and risk-tasking plus it's not rewarding. I've never been one to advocate complacency to anyone yet I settle for it ALL THE TIME in my own life. Doesn't really make sense now does it?

So, what sort of changes am I making?

1. I'm registering for a Strongman competition in September! So, I have never competed in anything athletic in my adult life and I have definitely never even attempted my Strongman events. I'm actually really looking forward to this - it be a nice way to mix up my gym time and frankly, I need to do it just to get in the habit of not over-thinking things and just DOING THEM.

2. Career change. Well, I guess not so much change and figuring out WHAT it is I actually like/want/feel the need to do. Previously, I've mostly done things that I'm good at or that I don't have to "try" very hard at - I was the person in school who didn't need to study very hard to get A's, most of my jobs have been things that aren't terribly challenging and thus, not terribly rewarding. I've figured out that what I really LIKE to do is teach - in any sort of capacity. I resisted this SO HARD in my undergrad and grad school, I always wanted to do research or be a clinician of some sort or be in the field. But once I stopped resisting it, I noticed that I get the most enjoyment/challenge out of helping other people - whether it is literally teaching a class, helping someone at the gym who asks for my advice, or just helping a person accomplish a simple task. It's rewarding, it's freaking hard, and I'm not the best at it - which is why I really need to do it.

3. Truly embracing failure. I obviously don't seek out failure and yes, I am disappointed when I fail at something (ugh, like my 195x5 back squat attempt this week - did not go well) but I don't let it completely wreck me. Previously, I was VERY anti-failure - I only did things I KNEW I was good at and that had a high chance, if not a guarantee,  of success. Somewhere along the line this got old. I think that I really just stopped giving a shit what people would think of me if I failed. It's a hugely freeing and terrifying feeling but I'm rolling with it.

And I will leave with a little something my coach said via FB (you should definitely check out the gym's page for all sorts of good stuff!) in regards to me thinking about registering for that competition (he's better with words than I am):


Moral of the story - comfort zones are overrated.


P.S. I've got something AWESOME coming your way tomorrow :)