A Few of My Favorite Things

Let's discuss a few of the things that I'm loving lately! http://distilleryimage8.s3.amazonaws.com/c93fbb8ec34611e2a1fa22000a1f9261_7.jpg

PurePharma: I've talked about PurePharma before but they deserve another mention. I ran out my M3, D3, & O3 the other day and I can tell a HUGE difference in my recovery and sleep without them. Seriously, the M3 has done wonders for my quality of sleep and the O3 has helped my recovery in a big way. I've used a myriad of different vitamins/supplements and I can say that PurePharma's are the best. I must order more ASAP! You can order some too by clicking the ad in the sidebar (disclaimer: I'm an affiliate of PurePharma, affiliate links).


UnderArmour top: I could live in this shirt! It's super comfy and is quickly going to become a summertime staple. I've gotten lots of compliments on it and have been telling everyone to pick one up! (disclaimer: I was sent the shirt & a pair of shoes from Under Armour in exchange for working on the #whatsbeautiful campaign).


True Nutrition custom protein powder: Since moving more towards weightlifting and less WOD-ing, I've been looking for a protein powder that has high level of protein and less carbs/sugars. I had heard of True Nutrition and their custom mixes before so I decided to make a mix and try it out. All I can say is - AMAZING. The mix I've been using has 50% beef isolate, 25% grass-fed whey, & 25% native milk protein isolate and I think it has been super helpful in helping me make gains in the gym. They also offer TONS of flavors, stevia or sucralose sweetened options, and you can add tons of things to your mix. I've had a few people ask about protein powders with low/no sugar, special ingredients, etc. so check them out if you looking for something different! (No disclaimer here, I've bought this with my own money and just thought I would share some info!)

OH and I squatted 185 for 5 reps this morning. I need to work on my depth but they felt much better technique-wise. Also, I need to buy my own belt - I use one at the gym but it's a bit big. Recommendations?



Happy Friday everyone! Is it wine o clock yet?