FAQs: Food & Workout Edition

So I've been getting a lot of similar questions lately and thought I would address them in a little FAQ post. Also, I've got this life-changing dairy-free popsicle recipe coming up on Friday sooo yeah, be ready to stuff your face for that. http://distilleryimage10.s3.amazonaws.com/435107e6d2ee11e2bd9022000a1fa522_7.jpg

Food/Nutrition/Diet Stuff

1. How many calories/protein/fat/carbs do you eat a day?  I honestly have no idea. I don't count calories but will do a week of tracking every once and awhile to see where I'm at. I eat based on my appetite/what I need to perform & recover so some days I eat way more than others. On average, I'd say I eat about 2,000-2,4000 calories a day and about 130g-150g protein, again depending on my appetite and depending on the day. I do a bit of informal carb cycling so training days I have more carbs, less fats, and on non-training days I do tons of fats, less carbs. I couldn't really give you an estimate on those, sorry!

2. Do you eat paleo? I talked about this a little bit before but generally, I eat pretty "paleo". I do eat regular potatoes and rice fairly often (mostly on volume days) and I also do have some grass-fed dairy and cheese. At this point, nothing is really "off limits" although I do try to stay away from grains, legumes, soy, and sugar since it wrecks my stomach.

3. Do you do a "cheat" day? If so, what do you eat?: So, I don't do a "cheat" day for several reasons - number 1, I hate the term cheat day, number 2, it doesn't work for me. I tend to do better by just eating mostly good stuff, most of the time, and having a little something here and there when I crave it. I tend to have something more indulgent on Sundays when we do dinner with my family and usually have some other sort of "cheat" sometime during the week. Other times, I have something small every day like a piece of chocolate.


Workout/Crossfit Stuff

4. What are your "stats"? I'm guessing this is the crossfit equivalent of asking how much I bench (current best is 90x3 by the way).

Back Squat: 185x5

Front Squat: 163

Overhead Squat: 113

Clean: 118

Jerk: 113 (C&J is 113)

Snatch: 88

Deadlift: 238

5. How long have you been doing Crossfit? It will be one year at the very beginning of August.

6. Do you still do "crossfit" or just weightlifting? I've been focusing on gaining absolute strength for the past 4 months or so and have been doing mostly weightlifting with a WOD on Saturdays. After this current cycle ends, I will be switching back to more "Crossfitt-y" programming for a bit to give my body a much needed break. Plus, I would rather cycle out before I'm completely burnt out and bored.


Have other questions? Just ask!