My Favorite Easy Meal - A Frittata

I eat an obnoxious amount of eggs - they're cheap sources of protein, they're delicious, and they are incredibly versatile. One of my favorite ways to make eggs is to make a frittata. It's simple, it makes a great on the go meal, and takes just a few minutes. I whipped one up last night with peppers, onions, and tomatoes that was so good, it had to go straight from iPhone photos to blog post. 20130522-184707.jpg

There is no real recipe, just a template so that you can make whatever your heart, and stomach, desires:

1. Scramble up some eggs - I usually do anywhere between 8-12. Add a 1/2 cup or so of milk or milk alternative / and don't forget a hefty pinch of salt and pepper! 2. Throw some veggies and/or meat in a skillet with some fat (grass fed butter, bacon fat, coconut oil, whatever you like!). 3. Sauté them up until mostly cooked. Pour eggs over the top and let it cook, undisturbed until it is about 75% cooked. The top will still be liquidy. 4. Pop the skillet in the oven the under the broiler and broil until brown and puffy and glorious. Sprinkle some cheese on it beforehand if you're feeling fancy (or just love cheese like me!) 5. Let cool slightly, remove from pan, and stuff into face.

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