KIND Snacks Review & GIVEAWAY!

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*Disclaimer: I was sent free product from KIND snacks in exchange for a review. As always, all thoughts, opinons, etc. are my own!*


This week is my first week of having a second job (teaching at technical university) on top of an already crazy schedule - I'm basically living off of coffee at this point. I haven't worked outside my house since October so when it came time to pack food and snacks for a long class (5 hours) I was kind of at a loss. While I have time to eat meals, I definitely need some more snack-y foods to keep with me when I'm super hungry and need to quickly shove food in my face...aka all the time. One of the snacks that I really love are KIND bars:

DSC_0024_01 My favorite flavors were anything chocolate (obviously) and the cashew & ginger spice! SO GOOD.

They have three types of bars: fruit & nut, plus (with protein, antioxidants, omega3, or fiber) and nuts & spices. Most of these bars are just fruit, nuts, and some other ingredients (most aren't paleo due to some soy, grains, or honey) and they're gluten-free! KIND bars have always been my go-to snack when I'm stuck in an airport or somewhere else where the gluten-free status of stuff is questionable. I love that they're pretty widely available in places like Starbucks so that you can always find something gluten-free to hold you over.


KIND Snacks also sent over THREE bags of granola - talk about granola heaven! I'm not a big granola eater but every once and awhile I do get a craving for some crunchy, salty, sweet goodness and this totally hits the spot. My husband LOVES granola and said that these were his favorite because of the BIG clusters and the fact that they weren't overly sweet. I admit, once I started snacking on it, I couldn't stop - it's addictive! I like that the granola is gluten-free since gluten-free can be hard to find and usually doesn't taste all that great. If you're looking for some easy gluten-free snacks that are delicious, not made with sketchy ingredients, and convenient - I highly recommend checking out KIND Snacks!

In fact, the nice folks at KIND Snacks offered to give away a package to a reader! Just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite easy gluten-free snack is. I will pick a winner on Friday, May 24th.


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