Instagram Truths: Crossfit Edition

More "Instagram Truths" (you can see more here and here) today - the topic this time? Crossfit/the gym!

Caption: Love/hate relationship with hip thrusters. 140# 5x5 back squats, some volume strict press, & the dreaded hip thrusters this morning.

Truth: Hip thrusters make my hamstrings & butt cramp up on the drive home but are truly a great exercise. I was working with another coach and we basically just crawled away after our sets. Seriously, your legs temporarily do not function. Love to hate them.

Caption: Mid-Murph (1/2 murph for me!) yesterday. Photo by Josh Winn.

Truth: Murph was HARD. I was in this position more often than not.  I did it Rx and could barely lift my arms by the end of it. My arms were sore for a day or so (contrast showers work wonders) but my legs were sore for a good two days. I'm looking forward to doing it again next year in a sick and twisted way. Also, Josh has mad photography skills :)

Caption: Gear, coffee, & spandex can only mean one thing - it's time to lift some heavy stuff.

Truth: I'm not sure how I ever lifted without coffee (seriously) and I think my quads have had just a liiiitle bit of gains #sarcasm. In all seriousness, my legs have gotten much bigger & I don't mind it. Finding business pants that fit is a hell of a task but other than that, bring on the gains. Also, you can't see how absolutely wrecked my shins are in this photo - trust me, they're scarred, bruised, and battered.

Caption: Post-squat meal - give me all the salty things.

Truth: I ate that entire "party size" bag of chips, by  myself, in two days. That cheese didn't really stand a chance either. I've been having serious salt cravings and  truthfully, if I just squatted a total of a thousand pounds or more - I don't give a damn what I eat - just feed me.

Caption: You mean normal people don't stretch & watch tv like this?

Truth: My foot (I just typed food, typical) positioning needs works. Yes, I really did watch some Arrested Development while doing this. And that's a mop in my hand - whatever gets the job done right?

Happy Friday everyone! I've got some good stuff in store next week. Now, I have to go shove a ton of my food in my face - post-squat hunger is serious business.