Under Armour What's Beautiful Campaign

*Disclaimer: I was contracted through FitFluential LLC about this opprotunity. All opinions are my own and I have not received any compensation* I’ve got a bone to pick with media and society and that is the glorification of one, singular type of female beauty. Now that’s not to say that a "conventionally pretty" girl isn’t beautiful. Not bashing on anyone, at all. What I take issue with is the idea the only way to be beautiful is to adhere to media and society's idea of beauty. 

Somewhere along the line women were told that small & frail = beauty and if you don’t fit into that mold, well then too bad.  Women flocked to chronic cardio and ever- shrinking meals in hopes of getting smaller, they let the number on the scale rule their mind, and felt sad/disappointed/not very beautiful. Women were told to fear heavy weights because they would get "bulky” and it wasn’t a very "feminine” thing to do.

Sorry, but I call bullshit. Strong women = awesome women.


And that’s what Under Armour’s “What’s Beautiful?” campaign is all about.  It’s about setting a goal, supporting each other, and redefining what it means to be a female athlete.  When I heard about the campaign through FitFluential, I knew it was something that would be right up my alley – I’m all about helping ladies forget the number on the scale and focus on the number on the barbell instead.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up on the website and set your goal. It can be anything you’d like – whether it’s simply to get stronger or to PR your power clean by 10#.
  2. Join my team and other teams, too! The teams provide support and motivation to help groups of people reach similar goals.
  3. Start posting your photos, videos, and anything else you’d like. Under Armour has some serious swag at stake for super active and inspiring challenge participants!

Here's some more info from the Under Armour What's Beautiful site:

Together we’re redefining the female athlete by setting epic goals and pushing past where we’ve ever been and where we thought we could go. Join us. Set your own personal goal. Then document your journey by posting videos and photos that tell your story from start to victory.

We’ll continuously post challenges for you. But that’s just the beginning. Show us your journey. Show us what makes your story the one that stands out from the rest. If you meet your goal, set a new one. Make it even bigger. Prove to everyone, and yourself, that you have more than what it takes.

Each week, Under Armour will be giving away swag bags full of loot to participants. they will feature top performers on their website. after 8 weeks, they will announce 10 finalists who have documented the most impressive & motivated journeys toward the goals. mid-july, winners will be announced! three winners will receive a trip to Costa Rica for a 4-day retreat.


What are my goals? Well, I have a few. My individual goals are: "Set prs, get a 200x5 back squat, and show that women should embrace iron, not fear it.”

The goals for my team are simply to "Inspire women to pick up something heavy and realize that the # on the bar matters more than the # on the scale”.  I want my team to be a place where experienced and newbie lady lifters can support each other and get some extra motivation! If you don’t lift – that’s okay too! Just share how you are getting strong and help support and motivate :)

So, you in?