Our New Venture: Nourished

So late last week, I officially became a business owner: Meet Nourished.


Nourished is a Personal Chef Services company owned by me and the chef husband.

Our goal is simple - we want everyone to be able to have good food. If you're too busy too cook, have food allergies, dietary restrictions, or just simply need a little help in the kitchen - we can do that. Between my husband's culinary school and restaurant experience and my recipe development/freelance experience, we bring a

How does it work? You fill out a detailed questionnaire that covers everything from likes, dislikes, food allergies, favorite cuts of meat, and everything else you can think of. We use this to come up with a custom menu made for YOU. We do all of the grocery shopping (you set the budget for this) and then we come to your home, make a week's worth of delicious meals, package them with instructions, clean up, and do it all again anytime you need us.

We have been working on this for AWHILE and the fact that is now "legit" is a bit mind numbing. There is still a LOT to do like finishing the website, organizing, etc. but for all intensive purposes - we are open for business!

A BIG thank you is in order to everyone who has helped and encouraged us along the way. We're very, very excited for this new venture and can't wait to start making really delicious food for people!