Mexican Crockpot Beef Chuck Roast

So, it's really difficult to photograph a pile of meat and make it look good (There's definitely a TWSS joke or five in there somewhere) but this recipe was too good not to share. I'm a big fan of my crockpot for cooking up larger, cheaper cuts of meat - I mean, we make this pulled pork recipe all.the.time. because it's super easy and is hands-off. Seriously, if you haven't made friends with your crockpot yet - you should get on it. DSC_0014

Plus, there's leftovers which make an easy meal the next day or two. UnlessĀ  of course, you're me and eat an obnoxious amount of this dish at dinner because your rest day hunger is out of control and it was so damn delicious. Plus your husband inhaled it and declared it awesome - always a good thing. Either way, it's easy, ready-by-dinnertime goodness.


[gmc_recipe 5643]