Five Things Friday

I'm currently sitting on a giant ice pack to quiet a very angry hip and packing for a much need weekend vacation so prepare for some serious randomness. 20130405-121946.jpg

1. My hip is ANGRY. I've been having problems with it for a week and a half and although it has been feeling better, it's still super inflamed and not letting me squat. I'm hoping copious foam roller and mobility time plus ice, compression, and a whole weekend off will quiet it down. Seriously hip, get your ish together - I need to squat heavy things. I WANT that 200x5.


2. On that note...I'm guessing this is not what normal people pack for a beach weekend. Foam roller, blender bottle, kinesio tape, band, my PurePharma (affiliate), and all other sorts of recovery/mobility/fixthisdamnhip things.


3. I need to make another batch of these muffins soon - they're the perfect snack while I'm waiting for my bacon & eggs to cook. #liftbigeatbig



4. I've come to realization that coffee while you're lifting > no coffee while you're lifting. Even better, a coffee shop opened up literally next door to my gym - so, so wonderful.


5. Fact: pork chops are always better with bacon.


6. BONUS: ridiculous dog picture.