Designer Whey Review

*Disclaimer: I was sent these products for free in exchange for a review through FitFluential LLC. As always, all opinions, thoughts, and ramblings are my own. Also, I swear this isn't turning into a product review blog - I turn down a lot and the ones I have accepted all seem to coincide with each other! Not a big deal, but wanted to put that out there :) *  

You could say that I was a bit surprised when Designer Whey sent me this huge package of things to try out:


I’ve used Designer Whey (particularly their chocolate protein) before so I had some familiarity with the product and company but I had no idea that they had so many different types of products! First, let’s talk about the protein:


They sent me the French Vanilla and White Chocolate protein powders – both come in around 18g of protein, are sweetened with stevia, and are 100 calories per serving. They mix really well (nice and smooth) are super tasty. I personally liked the vanilla a bit more than the white chocolate (it was a bit sweet for me) but I’d say that both are worth trying out! As I mentioned before, I’ve used their Gourmet Chocolate powder and it is also really, really delicious. The 18g of protein per serving is a little low for me as post-workout recovery drink but it’s great as a snack or dessert. In fact, I created this killer cookie dough protein balls with the French Vanilla flavor and they were gone before I could even take "real” photos of them so I will have to remake them soon (recipe is on my instagram - gabbysgfree)! My husband proclaimed them to be amazing and is demanding that I make more ASAP.


Designer Whey also sent me to two pre-mixed protein shakes in chocolate and vanilla. In all honesty, I was not a fan. They just had some sort of strange, chemically, off-taste (maybe the type of sweetener used?) that wasn’t all that great. I’m not sure if was maybe just my samples or the fact that I rarely eat any artificial sweeteners so they taste extra strange to me but unfortunately, they didn’t do it for me.

They also sent along 3 different flavors of their protein bars, which were awesome. I’m not a huge protein bar eater but I’ve been known to grab one when I desperately need something to tide me over and I was really impressed with these bars. Again, the protein is a little low for me (10g per bar) for it to be anything other than a small snack or dessert stand-in but they were so tasty. My husband, who isn’t a big protein bar eater at all, couldn’t get enough of them. My favorite flavor was the Chocolate Caramel while his was the Peanut Butter (typical, he LOVES peanut butter). All of them were great and I’d say that if you’re looking for something to have as an emergency snack or grab-and-go item, these fit the bill.


Now, let’s talk about my favorite product, the Protein2Go. First off, I love the concept of this – something with 10g of protein, 50 calories, and stevia sweetened that you can add to water. I’ve been running around A LOT lately and these little packets have come in handy – I just simply add one to my water bottle, shake it up, and chug it down. It really does help tide me over if I’m between meals and while the ingredient list does contain some dairy, it’s a decent choice every once and awhile. I’m partial to the Lemonade flavor but all of them were delicious! I even gave some to my mom to try out since she travels quite a bit and they are a great, convenient travel option.

Overall, I was impressed with Designer Whey’s products and their line of delicious powders, bars, and Protein2Go. I think they’re a great gluten-free option for those interested in getting some more protein in their diet!