Supplements: Vitamin D & PurePharma

Supplements are a very individual issue – some people love them, some people hate them, and some people are a little lost on the topic. Personally, I believe that supplements should be used to supplement a healthy diet and exercise program to help optimize health. I’ve cut down on several of the supplements I previously used because of their use of several filler ingredients (seriously, who needs corn starch in magnesium?!) and focused on finding the best supplements I could find for the things I need the most – fish oil, vitamin D, and magnesium. After a LOT of research and trying different brands, I decided to try PurePharma – I had heard great things about their supplements and when I research their products, they seemed to have great scientific backing and offered everything I was looking for. They offer 3 products – the O3, D3, and M3 that are designed to work synergistically to optimize health and athletic performance.  


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Here's a little more info about each of the supplements:

O3: This fish oil supplement helps improve recovery by reducing inflammation (in conjunction with a diet low in inflammatory foods – remember you can’t out supplement a poor diet!)

M3: This magnesium and zinc supplement is paired with Vitamin B6 and malic acid (derived from green apples – how neat is that?!) and is designed to help maximize muscle protein synthesis and aid in athletic performance.

D3: The D3 is blended with olive oil for maximum absorption (Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin) and is designed help improve blood sugar regulation, improve the immune system, and supports kidney health.

Every supplement is designed to work optimally on it's own and with the other supplements. I think that concept is really neat and I love that PurePharma even outlines when the best time to take each supplement is: purepharmause

[image property of PurePharma & provided to me by PurePharma]

My personal favorite PurePharma product is the D3. I’ve been constantly on the hunt for a great vitamin D supplement since I tend to have very low vitamin D levels (especially in the winter). When I’ve had to go without taking vitamin D, I get very sluggish, moody, and I can tell that I don’t recover as well between workouts. I’ve tried tons of brands (seriously, I’ve bought something different for two years to try and find one that I really like) and after a few weeks of taking PurePharma’s D3 – I won’t be buying any other brand.


I have darker skin and don’t necessarily sit outside for 20 minutes every day – vitamin D is synthesized through your skin and sun exposure – so it gets tough for me to keep up my vitamin D levels. It’s been recommended that I take 5000mg/day in the winter, and about 2500mg/day if I’m outside for extended periods of time or during the summer which can mean that I’m taking tons of little pills every day. With the PurePharma D3 – I only have to take two pills to get my 5000mg/day! Also, it’s blended with high quality olive oil to help maximize absorption and I think that is the real difference.  Other vitamin D supplements I've taken usually take a week or two to make any significant difference but with PurePharma, it's different - I have noticeably more energy and focus when I take my D3 and I'm tired and foggy when I don't.

The people who work for PurePharma are absolutely awesome and have given me a TON of information on all of their products. For example, if you’re curious about how PurePharma’s O3 stacks up with other fish oils out there – I can send you charts showing the concentration of omega3 and the cost per gram of omega3 for other brands.  I LOVE that they provide so much data and analysis to back up their products - it just shows how proud they are of them and how much time they have invested into making them the best products out there. I’m proud to be affiliated with PurePharma and to support their company and their products!


I was provided with free product by PurePharma and am a PurePharma affiliate. I receive a small % of purchases made through my affiliate link (ad in my sidebar). As always, opinions and thoughts are my own. Post contains affiliate links.