Instagram Truths

If you haven't seen this post by SoCal Runner Gal - you should definitely check it out. It's all about how we photos on social media don't exactly tell the whole truth but do convey a particular message. So, inspired by her post, I thought it would be fun to post some "instagram truths" on this very snowy Wednesday.  


Instagram caption: "Reality of working from home: taking a break to foam roll & wearing yoga pants with knee high polka dot socks because it's cold. Also, being constantly covered in dog hair."

Instagram truth: I'm trying not to vomit in my mouth while foam rolling my calves and those are my pants after I've lint rolled them, twice, in the span of five minutes. Seriously, dog hair EVERYWHERE.


Instagram caption: "I'd be lying if I said I didn't eat some of those wasabi peas"

Instagram truth: By some, I mean several handfuls.


Instagram caption: "Made myself some paleo sushi! Smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado & red onion. So yummy!"

Instagram truth: First, this is delicious and you should make it immediately. Second, I made something "paleo" because I ate like 7 regular sushi rolls while making/shooting them for work and all that rice made me feel like I was going to burst and did nothing to satisfy my hunger.


Instagram caption: "New back squat 5 rep max of 155#! That's a 25# increase in 2 weeks & a 15# PR from last week."

Instagram truth: Well all of that is true. I originally was going to go for 150# for 5 but I can't do barbell math so I loaded 155#, did a warm up single, was informed that I can't count (no surprise there) and decided to go for it. Also, 15# PR's mean volume day on Monday was particularly brutal - aka #firstworldsquattingproblems.


Instagram caption: "Epic brunch at my parent's house: chorizo with eggs, bacon, hash browns, gfree sour cream coffee cake, fruit, & a giant mimosa".

Instagram truth: I definitely had at least 5 handfuls of fruit and another half of a slice of coffee cake. I love brunch...and that coffee cake!