Herb Lamb & Pork Meatballs

I've been having a major moment with lamb lately - I hadn't had it in forever and picked some up on a whim at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and now, it's all I want. DSC_1808_02

While lamb can be expensive, ground lamb usually isn't nearly as expensive as other cuts. I like to buy some ground lamb and another inexpensive ground meat and really stretch it out. Beef is delicious but ground pork is really where it's at and the combo together, is awesome. These meatballs are super simple to make and there is virtually no mess since they bake up in the oven while you fold laundry, clean your kitchen, drink wine, or whatever you do while baking meatballs. Moral of the story: get some lamb and get rolling!


[gmc_recipe 5057]