The Grind

I was talking with someone the other day about this topic and they suggested I write a post about it. So, there ya go. 20130401-093720.jpg

I don't care what sport, exercise, or activity you participate in - if you're serious about it in some form, there comes a time when you meet "the grind". The grind can be mental - you're tired, you can't focus, you're emotionally drained from other life stressors. The grind can be physical - you're sore, your body hurts, and you can't seem to get enough fuel. Sometimes it's one, sometimes it's both, but either way, it sucks. The days when everything feels heavy, your body feels like it got hit by a train, and you feel like you will literally lose your mind if you have to think about food one more time - those days just about break you. Those are the days/weeks/months when you seriously question what you're doing and if you're truly sane (hint: you're probably not but that's half the fun of it).


Like any other time when stuff gets hard, you have a choice. You can either turn around and go back - back to your comfort zone, back to "easy", back to simple. Or you can put your head down, do the work, and embrace the grind - embrace the sore body, tired mind, and try to be better. Ask yourself how can you recover better, how can you find your focus. You can step back, evaluate, and learn from your mistakes or you can shrug it off and move on to something shiny and new. Eventually the novice effect  WILL wear off and the PRs stop coming as frequently. Eventually you will have to WORK your ass off for that 5lb PR or to shave 1 minute off your time. Sometimes it takes years to reach that point, other times it feels like it takes mere months or weeks. And you will meet it time and time again. The point is, you will be faced with a question and the question is really this: are you going to embrace the grind or are you going to turn around? It's not one that's easily answered, but it's one where the answer is obvious. You either do or you don't. And yes, when it comes down to it, it really is that simple.