Fringesport Kettlebell Review & My Favorite KB Exercises

A few weeks ago the nice folks at Fringesport offered to send me some gear to try out. Fringesport is a company that sells Crossfit equipment such as barbells, gymnastic rings, jump ropes, and more. After much debate, I decided to try out a 16kg OFW Premium (OneFitWonder) kettlebell - it's no secret that I LOVE kettlebells and I needed a 16kg to use at home so it was a perfect situation! KB1text

Once I ordered my kettlebell it shipped and was at my doorstep within 3 days...from Texas. Even better the shipping was FREE - yes, FREE! Normally shipping on heavy objects (uhhh like a 16kg kettlebell) can be expensive but with Fringesport, they have free shipping all.the.time. After it came, I literally couldn't wait to test it out. We use kettlebells fairly often at my gym and when I injured my intercostal muscles, I did a TON of kettlebell work (my coach is also an RKC) so I've grown quite fond of the KB. My favorite, favorite KB exercise is just the simple two-handed swing and I especially love heavy swings. We do a WOD that is a 10min AMRAP of KB swings and it may be one of my favorite WODs of all time. My record so far is 298 swings with a 16kg KB so next time, I have to break 300 ;)


Besides my beloved swing, here are a few of my other favorite KB exercises:

  • Push Press
  • Jerks
  • Cleans
  • One-Arm Swing
  • Snatches
  • Goblet squats (great warm up for front squats!)
  • Turkish Get-Ups

(This is a video that demos several of the exercises)

They're a great piece of equipment to have in a home gym because they are so versatile and can be used in so many different ways. Basically, kettlebells are a great way to get in some serious strength & conditioning training.


Now that I've professed my love for KB exercises - let's talk about the kettlebell itself. It's heavy, heavy duty with a nice sized handle and great stability. The handle has just enough texture so that it doesn't feel like it's going to slip out of your hands but isn't tearing up your hands either. The handle is also the perfect width for my hands - some KB handles tend to be too big for my tiny hands but this KB handle fits nicely for me. Even better, two hands fit comfortable on the handle - there is nothing worse than having your hands be cramped when trying to swing! Overall, it's a solid KB for a great price and from a company with great shipping and customer service. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in adding a kettlebell to their home workout arsenal!

Disclaimer: Fringesport provided me with a free kettlebell in exchange for a review. I was not compensated above that in any way. As always, all opinions, thoughts, love professions are my own.