Airport Meals, Snacks, & Travel Tips

I’m heading off to Arizona for vacation tomorrow morning and since I’m avoiding packing and figuring out to fit 4 days worth of clothes and shoes for two people in a small carry-on, I thought I would share some of my favorite airport meals, travel snacks, and tips. 20130312-095503.jpg

A few of my favorite airport meals include: - Mexican food: This is probably the easiest thing to eat being gluten-free and most airports have at least one Mexican food restaurant. I like to stick with some sort of fajita plate (just meat & veggies) or corn soft tacos. Plus, GUACAMOLE. - Salads: Airport salads are ridiculously expensive but they do work in a pinch. Try to find one where everything is packaged separately (i.e. no croutons please!) or one that is freshly made to order. - Breakfast food: There is usually at least one place that does made to order breakfast or sells some variation on scrambled eggs and bacon. It’s easy, usually a bit cheaper, and filling. - Burger with no bun: When all else fails, there is always the standard “burger-with-no-bun” option!


A few of my favorite travel snacks include: - DIY trail mix: I like to make my own mix to snack on that usually involves some variation on coconut flakes, nuts, and dried fruit. It’s easy, cheap, and portable! - Hardboiled eggs: You can usually find these in gas stations, convenience shops, etc. and they’re an easy and portable source of protein. - Carrot sticks: I usually buy the little cups that include carrot sticks & ranch and toss the dressing. I like to buy some guacamole and use that instead! - Coconut flakes: I shovel these into my face by the handful all.the.time. Seriously one of the best snacks, ever. - Protein powder & shaker bottle: You can also make your own protein packs (just portion out your powder into a bag) and take a shaker bottle with you. Just add water and you have a quick shake to take the edge off.


A few of my favorite travel tips include: - BE PREPARED: Pack your own snacks and pack plenty of them. There is nothing worse than being stuck in airport or car when you’re hangry. - Do your research: If you know where you’re going out to eat, do your research ahead of time that way you know if you need to snack before your meal or can find something safe to eat. - Buy some groceries: When you get to your destination, pick up a few things and store them in your fridge in your hotel or wherever you are staying. It really helps cut costs and frustration if you have a few things on hand.

And that’s it! Now, I have to figure out how to fit Olympic weightlifting shoes in my purse...