Post-Whole30 Check In

After the Whole30, I didn’t really have any concrete plans on how I was going to eat (I didn’t do any reintroduction of foods since I have already done that previously and have a pretty firm grasp on what does and doesn’t bother me). I planned on staying mostly paleo because my body just feel betters that way and eating whatever I wanted, when I wanted it for the week or so afterwards. I’m normally a pretty disciplined person when it comes to food but let’s just say last week was the opposite of disciplined. I spent the weekend after my Whole30 ended at the beach doing an absolutely massive photoshoot and working – my diet consisted mainly of gluten-free pretzels (YES!), cheese, and wine. It was glorious. 20130218-095935.jpg

[there were oysters, too]

When I got back, I attempted to reign it in a little bit but truthfully, I just ate whatever, whenever I felt like it – that included lots of gluten-free pizza, chocolate, and cheese. My body wasn’t the happiest it’s ever been but mentally I think I needed it. I didn’t feel any guilt or really particularly "care” about what I was eating. Truthfully, my mind was a little sick of thinking about food and I knew I needed a mental break. I didn't think my willpower and mental energy were that depleted but apparently, they were. The strictness of Whole30 combined with stress, 2 weeks of straight work, and life in general had left my brain a little frazzled so a "free" or "off" week was just what I needed.




Having an "off” week was immensely helpful because I feel refreshed and ready to jump back in today . It also showed me that I do have a really difficult time eating enough food. I took a few days to track my macros/calories (which I’m not a fan of but it may be necessary for a few weeks) to ensure I hit enough calories each day and on those days, it was difficult. I felt like I was just shoveling food down my throat all day – I think the issue is that I need to incorporate more high caloric/high fat foods more often. Also, I think the Whole30 may have burnt me out on eating such a high volume of food all day, everyday. I mean, you can only eat SO much broccoli and brussel sprouts before you get sick of chewing.


[coconut milk green smoothie = delicious way to get fat/calories in]



I still don’t have a "plan” per say other than to eat enough, get lots of fat & protein, and up my carbs. . My focus remains on getting stronger (and healthier) and not necessarily getting lean. This territory is new for me so it's going to be trail and error for a bit but I'm looking forward to it.