Five Things Friday: Crossfit Edition + Fashletics Review

Happy FRIDAY! I've been working for 2 weeks straight including an absolutely massive out-of-town shoot last weekend which means my brain is mush. SO let's talk about random Crossfit things - okay?  

1. Our barbell programming has us squatting every day (3x a week) - I haven't back squatted in close to a year but hit 130x5 today and it felt fairly easy. Love squats!


2. I'm absolutely in LOVE with this shirt that the nice folks over at Fashletics sent me:


It's insanely soft and comfortable plus, it's cute. I got a medium and it's snug and a little short but I think a large would have been a bit too big. Everytime I wear it, I get tons of compliments on it - I'm thinking I may need some more in different colors and of course, coordinating knee socks. ;) Based on the shirt I received, I can already tell there are going to be several more Fashletics orders in my future :)


I actually really love the entire message of Fashletics - which revolves around the theme "Live, Love, Lift". The company was started by a Crossfitter and metal smith (how cool is that?) and they make beautiful crossfit jewelry as well as apparel. I've already got a necklace design picked out that I want to order soon - it involves kettlebells. No surprise there.











[image source]

If you want to try out some Fashletics gear for yourself (and I think you do!) use the code LIVELOVELIFT to get 10% off your order.


3. I NEED a pair of Olympic lifting shoes - it's not even a want, but more of a necessity at this point. I've been doing our box's barbell/lifting class 2-3x a week now and focusing a lot more on my o-lifts so the shoes really are necessary. I've already picked out the pair I'm going to get - they're absolutely hideous but the price is right and they're a solid shoe and most importantly, they're not sold out in my size.


4. Best post-workout breakfast ever = shredded sweet potato with pulled pork & spinach, topped with some eggs cooked under the broiler. This whole more carbs things is seriously paying off.


5. Not crossfit related but I have to share this Valentine's Day card I found on etsy: