Sweet & Salty Carrot Chips

Sweet & salty may be my favorite combination of all time. I could easily eat an entire bag of chocolate covered gfree pretzels I love it so much (seriously, it's happened). This morning I was craving some salty/sweet goodness so I decided to take matters into my own hands. My requirements: salty, sweet, very crispy (I'm craving texture), and full of cinnamon (because I'm obsessed). I thought about using some coconut flakes a la Well Fed but decided to change it up instead and use carrots. DSC_1830

Yes, carrots. Carrots are one of my go-to foods when I need to satisfy a crunchy snack craving and I love their subtle sweetness. I usually eat them raw or roast them but I've never made them into chips. I figured, if it worked with radishes it should work with carrots, right? Thankfully, I was right. These little chips are crispy, sweet, salty, and downright dangerous. In fact, they may be my new favorite snack of all time. Carrot chips - who knew?


[gmc_recipe 4593]

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