Paleo Baked Apple Pancake & A Whole30 Challenge


I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's Eve! We were absolutely exhausted from the past couple of week that we ended up staying in, eating nachos, drinking wine, watching movies, and then going to bed before midnight. I know, we're party animals. I've already told you guys about my new goals for the new year and I'm excited to get started on making them happen. Another new goal I have is to complete a Whole 30 challenge. I've been thinking about doing a Whole 30 since reading "It Starts With Food" and I managed to rope in some folks from my gym to do it with me! I'm equal parts excited and nervous about it all - I think the main difficulties I will have will be sugar and booze. I'm not a big drinker, but I do love good wine, bourbon, and the occasional margarita. We are starting on January 7th so I have a little while to plan and prepare for the chocolate withdrawals.


Another thing I will miss? Pancakes. I love some paleo pancakes but truth be told, me flipping a dozen pancakes before I've had a gallon of coffee can be a bit, uh, precarious. I had a massive pancake craving this weekend and decided that instead of standing over the stove, I would try baking one giant pancake in a skillet and hope for the best. The result was absolutely delicious and so much easier than spending 20 minutes flipping pancakes. I better make another one of these before the 7th.


[gmc_recipe 4361]