Crockpot Beef & Bell Pepper Red Coconut Curry


I'm 3 days into my Whole30 and so far, I feel awesome! I've slept better than I have in WEEKS and have felt very energized despite a new workout schedule that is kind of wacky. The only "hard" moments I've had are when I'm working and cooking all of these delicious sweets and styling them and smelling them for get it. I've been chugging lemon water to help negate the cravings and give my brain something else to think about - it seems to be working plus I'm super hydrated, ha! One issue I can forsee cropping up is getting tired of the same food. My meals usually consist of meat + veggies + fat and are pretty plain during the day but I do like to make a dinner that is a bit, uh, less plain (because they're not "fancy" by any stretch). In the winter, that means I turn to the crockpot. The crockpot has been especially useful now that I have two training sessions in the evening, as opposed to all mornings.


On Monday, I had my first evening workout and couldn't think of what I was going to make for dinner so I went to an old stand-by, coconut curry. My general formula is just meat, veggies, coconut milk, and curry paste thrown into the crockpot. You can use green curry paste, red curry paste, or make yellow curry with good quality curry powder with a myriad of veggies and proteins so it really never gets old. Plus, it is an easy Whole30 compliant meal as long as you double check your curry paste for no added sugars (I buy mine from an asian market because it's cheap, delicious, and insanely spicy) and you buy the correct coconut milk. Served over some of my latest obsession - cauliflower rice - it's a warm, comforting, and easy meal.


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