How to Make Clarified Butter


My Whole30 challenge starts on Monday and I'm pretty excited about it - I need it. Bad. My sugar cravings are awful, my body feels heavy, and I just don't feel 100%. That said, I'm nervous - nervous about the no cheating, nervous about no sugar for a month, nervous about REAL FOOD for pre & post-workout (I have a hard time stomaching it sometimes) and nervous about all the planning and prep. I know, you're thinking - "Uhh, you work at home and COOK FOR A LIVING. How on earth would you have problems making food?!" This is true - I'm very lucky that I can be at home all day but like any other job, I'm usually doing something like cooking, shooting, editing, etc. and don't really have the time or, if we're being honest here, the desire to saute up some chicken and broccoli for lunch. So, in an effort to get myself in the habit of planning, I took a little time this week to write down a meal template for myself for the Whole30 and also plan out some Whole30-complient dinners for this week. I also prepped some things like baked chicken, sweet potatoes, veggies, etc. to get myself back in food prep mode. Another thing I decided to make ahead? Clarified butter AKA liquid gold.

This stuff is unbelievably good and SO easy to make. There are several tutorials on the web on how to make clarified butter (or if you want to take it a step further, ghee) but here is my clarified butter making tutorial:



[gmc_recipe 4387]