Whole 30 Thoughts: Week 2

I’m half way through my Whole30 – woohoo! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the Whole9 website to see what the Whole30 is all about. Overall, this week was much easier than last week but still had it’s challenges. I’ve felt AMAZING for most of the week and noticed that this style of eating works for me. My body is happy, my gym performance feels great, and I’m sleeping like a baby. Before I get to the good, bad, and lessons learned, here is the daily recap: 20130121-074430.jpg

DAY 8: I felt a little light-headed today so I had an extra serving of sweet potatoes/squash. I think I need to have 2 ½ cup servings a day from now on. Barbell class felt awesome (or as awesome has hip thrusters can feel) and I was energized all day.

DAY 9: I found out that my multi-vitamin and magnesium supplement had corn starch & soy lecithin in them! Seriously, WHY?! I’m usually very good about not buying supplements with added crap but these were older and I didn’t check them when I started this. Stopping them now! Also, still having some after-dinner chocolate cravings but not nearly as intense as last week.


DAY 10: I had a crazy dream where I was drinking soda and eating blue raspberry candy (yes, specifically that flavor). I dislike both of those things and haven’t had either in years! Also, having difficult with post-workout food – the cold chicken thing is getting old, fast.

DAY 11: Did some much needed yoga and felt very energized all day. Cravings were very strong today since it was snowing outside and all I wanted was some hot chocolate or wine or something cheesy. Also, need to try some kombucha again – I haven’t had any in forever!


DAY 12: I woke up pissed off and cranky – open gym and doing a very icy/snowy “Helen” helped alleviate some of that. After my workout, my morning was crazy and I was SO cranky. I treated myself to a green juice from Ellwoods (yes, I know Whole30 doesn’t recommended juices and I don’t drink them often – this is probably the first one I’ve had in 6 months). It definitely helped give an energy boost without caffeine. I think Fridays are just going to be tough for me, period.

DAY 13: Felt really great all day, even during and after “Fran”. I’m still struggling with post-workout food, especially after workouts like “Fran” – nothing appeals to me and I just have to force food down. Picked up some GT’s Organic Raw Gingerade Kombucha – I forgot how much I love kombucha! I really liked this flavor because it wasn’t sweet and it was a nice alternative to water.

DAY 14: Woke up early, naturally today because my brain was ready to go! Noticed my skin is looking a lot better – I think dairy and sugar make me breakout. Felt really great today - my body is barely sore from my workouts this week and I feel a lot less "inflammed".




It’s getting easier: Everything is becoming more routine and it isn’t a struggle to think about what I “can” and “can’t” have. There is a lot less mental energy being expended and less feeling of deprivation so my mind is much happier than it was last week. My cravings are much less intense and more manageable although I still just really want a glass of wine and a square of dark chocolate. Plus, my skin is looking better and my body is responding well so it’s easy to stick with it when there are tangible results.

Discovering new things: I bought some kombucha, which I haven’t had in at least a year, and re-discovered how much I love it. I think I will try my hand at brewing my own soon! I also made an effort to buy some different items at the store, try new food combinations, and make food less “plain”. It has definitely helped with some of the food boredom! This week, I plan on buying a few new items to help keep things fresh and continue to try new things.




I just want SOMETHING: I just want something – a square of chocolate, a glass of wine, some delicious cheese – anything just to break up the monotony. This is purely a mental/sanity issue for me. My brain just wants a taste of something, anything that I haven’t had in the past 15 days. While my cravings are less intense, I can tell that the monotony is getting to me.

I’m bored: I’m still experiencing some food boredom and honestly, at times it is getting difficult to eat the same types of things over and over again. I’m really making an effort to experiment and try different things and I think that is helping. I’m really struggling with post-workout food to the point where I would rather not eat anything and I know that’s not an option – my body needs it or else my recovery is going to be slim to none. I have to find some alternatives or ways to make it palatable.




Preparation really is key: I’ve always known that being prepared is extremely important but this week really drove the point home. I didn’t do as much prep for this week as I did for week 1 and it came back to bite me. I didn’t have as many options on hand so I struggled with making things and again, just got bored. I need to have options on hand so that when I’m hungry, I’m not rummaging through the fridge and feeling frustrated. I did well this week but I could have made it easier on myself. I need to prep a lot of protein options and roasted veggies and I especially need to make some palatable post-workout food.


I’m excited for week 3 and looking forward to feeling even better and learning more!