New Year, New Goals


20121231-081756.jpg It's that time - goals are written down, resolutions are made, and plans are forged to ensure success. I love New Year's, not for the steady stream of champagne and abundance of sparkling things (although those don't hurt), but because it allows for some dedicated time to reflect, make goals, and make plans to reach those goals. I feel like I accomplished nearly all of 2012 goals and have grown A LOT as a person, blogger, photographer, wife, athlete, and writer. As my wise green tea says - "Love what is ahead by loving what has come before".  It's been one hell of a year but 2013 is going to be EPIC.













1. Take more risks: I’ve become more of an introvert as time has gone on and I don’t think it is a bad thing. I’ve become better at introspection and observation but at the same time, I’ve stopped taking risks.

2. Get my head right: I’ve touched on this a little bit before but my head gets in the way of almost everything. I’ve gotten much better but I still will unnecessarily doubt myself, be overly cautious, and get into a “perfectionist” mindset.












3. More downtime: Now that I’ve switched careers, I notice that I need a lot more “downtime” to refresh myself and be creative. I need to build this time in through more yoga (SO much more yoga), more hot tub time (obviously), and unplugging more often.

4. Travel: My husband and I really want to do some more traveling this year – even if it’s just a weekend away to the beach. We need more “us” time and to get out of our element and relax.


5. Take care of myself: That means eating right, taking downtime when I need, not over-committing,  having wine with friends, and relaxing more often.














1. Continue to grow & improve the blog: The blog had some HUGE growth this year (thank you!!!) and it is becoming a bigger part of my life each day. I can’t say THANK YOU enough to everyone – you guys are awesome!

2. Put myself out there more: This is in line with my “take more risks” goal – I need to put myself out there, know my worth, and do epic things.












3. Do more  & fail more: Failure is the launching point for growth and in the past, I have been terrified to fail. Not this year. I will do more - more photography, more writing, more blogging, more networking - and NOT fear failure.

4. Educate myself: I love to read and learn about everything and anything and I need to continue to do this in order to grow as a person, professional, and writer. Looks like I’m downloading some books soon!














1. Unassisted deadhang pull-up: I haven’t retested in awhile due to injury but I’m getting close. It’s getting MUCH more difficult to make significant gains but I’m determined. After that, multiple deadhangs. Then weighted pull ups. Then pull-ups + dips, then muscle-ups? Who knows ;)

STARTING: - 100# (amount of assistance) CURRENT: - 20# (amount of assistance)

2. 250lb+ deadlift: I hit my goal of a 200lb deadlift by hitting 225# and then 230#. If I could get within striking distance of 300lb by the end of the year, that would be incredible…and also extremely difficult (that’s a 50-70lb PR). 250 is what I’m really gunning after.



3. 75% bodyweight Clean: My cleans are getting much better but I still have a lot of work to do to get better. This is achievable with some technique work.

STARTING: none then 79# CURRENT: 98#

4. 20 consecutive kipping pull ups:I finally got a kipping pull up and I think this is definitely achievable with practice. Also, perhaps butterfly pull-ups?

5. Rx a girl/benchmark: Again, achievable if I can get my kipping pull-ups in line.











6. One-arm handstand, freestanding handstand, & handstand walk: I’ve already started practicing most of these (minus the handstand walk except for one occasion where I was spotted). I need to get over the fear of falling for the freestanding handstand and just get better at holding the one-arm handstand for more than 1 second. Handstand walks are just plain weird :-)


I hope everyone has a safe, happy, and wonderful New Year. See you in 2013!

What goals do you have for the New Year?