PV Body Review

***NOTE: I just wanted to let everyone know that I am pulling out of my ambassadorship with PV.Body because I am uncomfortable with their business practices and ethics. You can read more about the situation in this post from Sarah. I want to apologize to anyone who signed up through me, had a bad experience, or is disappointed. I make sure that any company I work with is one that I believe in and sadly, this is the exception. With that said, I do have some other amazing things lined up for you guys so check back! My review regarding their service and products is an accurate reflection of my experience. ***  

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the folks at PV Body asking if I would review their service and products. I initially heard about PV Body at Fitbloggin and even won their photo contest with Megan from RunFitKin thanks to our love of handstands and epic shirts.


After hearing about PV Body, I was immediately interested – I love workout clothes and I’m pretty particular about the quality of clothes that I buy. I put my gear through A LOT day in and day out so it has to be good quality, comfortable, hold up to a lot of chalk and barbell abuse, and of course, look good. I’m happy to say that PV Body’s products meet all of those standards.

The process was very simple: I filled out a short survey about what kind of clothes I prefer, the colors and cuts I prefer, etc. I was pleasantly surprised at the specifics of the survey since I’m pretty picky with what kind of clothes I wear for working out. After completing the survey, they sent a pretty pink package with an outfit for review.

[sorry it's slightly out of focus - self timer issues]

Bottoms: American Apparel leggings

Top: Nux racerback top


I was super excited about the leggings since I don’t own any full length leggings and running in crops or shorts when it’s 30-something outside isn’t the greatest. The top is a gorgeous color that I probably wouldn’t have picked out myself, but that I really like.


I’ve worn the leggings SEVERAL times since receiving – they were perfect for an early morning Crossfit session of heavy deadlifts and running, although they are a little thin to be worn in super cold weather. The best part is that they are cute enough to be worn outside the gym - I’ve worn them with boots and a top for a casual dinner and even just to lounge around the house. The sizing was perfect, minus the fact that they come up VERY high on me – but that’s because I’m a shorter gal and all pants fit me that way.


The top is a little tight for me but it is extremely comfortable. It is the perfect top for doing some additional work at home and makes a great base underneath long sleeve tech shirts for running or working out outdoors.

The BEST part of all this? It only costs $49/month to get a complete outfit from brands like American Apparel, Nike, Lululemon, etc. delivered to your door. Basically, it’s a killer deal – and that’s coming from someone who loathes shopping for clothes.

Overall, the service I received was great and the clothes were top notch and exactly in the styles/colors that I liked. I had such a great experience that I’m super excited to share with you guys that I am part of the PV Body ambassador program meaning that if you sign up with my link you can save 20% off of your order! Just click this link and you will get started on filling out your survey and receive some fantastic clothes.


Happy Friday!

*DISCLAIMER: PV Body provided me with the products for free and as an ambassador, I make a small commission off of each person that signs up using my link. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I was not compensate for this post in any way other than free product.*