Polar USA FT40 Review

I hope everyone had a great holiday and ate and drank themselves merry – I know I did! I love the holidays but it felt great to be back in my routine today. I hit the gym after a full, glorious 4 days off for a tough WOD involving rowing, pull ups, push ups, KB swings, air squats, and more rowing. It was rough but fun and it felt good to finally get moving again.


 If you all follow me on Instagram or Twitter you have probably seen some posts of my new Polar USA FT40 Heart Rate Monitor. I’ve never used a HRM before and I will admit, I was a bit skeptical – especially about the comfort level of the strap and wrist watch during WODs. Now that I’ve been wearing my new Polar USA FT40 for a few weeks, I can safely say – I LOVE IT! Although I don’t look at it much during WODs or lifting sessions, I’m borderline obsessed with seeing the results after I’ve finished my workout.


I will admit that my calories burned estimations were WAY off compared to what I was actually burning. I would have guessed lower for both metcon-type WODs and lifting. One day, I even re-started it to see how many calories I would burn AFTER my workout. It turns out, you definitely burn a significant amount post-workout if you’re lifting heavy or working at a high intensity. My inner numbers nerd was super excited about this little experiment!

Overall, I absolutely love this heart rate monitor. Here are even more reasons why:

  • Super comfy – seriously. The strap and watch barely noticeable during anything from heavy power cleans to running to kettlebell swings.
  • Great tool for training – nice to see what you’re working at and also great if you track your exercise/calories.
  • It’s cute – I’ve even worn the watch by itself because it’s so cute.
  • Tons of features – I love all the features like the % fat burn and the “energy pointer” which is the time spent in fitness or fat burn.
  • Easy to use – I’m not super tech-savvy and the Polar USA FT40 is incredibly easy to use.

If you’re looking for a new toy to help you train hard during the new year – this is it, folks. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a heart rate monitor!

*DISCLAIMER: I was provided the product for free as part of a campaign through FitFluential. All opinions, thoughts, etc. are my own!*