Pick Your Poison

*DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor, trainer, nutritionist, or any type of health professional. I’m just sharing my opinions and thoughts based on my reading, research, and personal experience* This post is part of the “healthy for the holidays” series, click here to see last week’s post!

"Pick your poison” – it’s a phrase we have all heard before and one that makes a good amount of sense. Pick the things that you want to indulge in (special cookies, your grandma’s pie, etc.) and indulging in those things without guilt.  What sounds better – mindlessly eating a dish that you can make/have anytime or savoring a special dish or treat that you only get a few times a year? I would think that most people would opt for the second scenario. By making a conscious decision to indulge in special treats, you increase the amount of satisfaction you get from your food.


[my mini-vacation indulgence]

Picking your poison, or in this case, your indulgence(s) of choice helps keep you healthy in three ways:

  1. It keeps you aware. You are making a conscious decision about your food and avoiding the habitualization of mindless eating.
  2. You are removing guilt. You made the decision to eat something because it was special so you shouldn’t feel any guilt about it. This can still be difficult and we will touch on this topic in a few weeks but my point is that some guilt can be removed since you are in control.
  3. You are still keeping up tradition. Saying “no” to food at the holidays can be difficult and can breed a hostile environment if your loved ones or family don’t understand your dietary preferences or needs. By indulging in special items, you can still engage in family traditions and feel included.


"Pick your poison” is easier said than done and quite frankly, I’m sucking at not doing a very good job at implementing this. I’ve been eating things just because they are there and not making conscious decisions about my meals. I think part of this is due to the fact that I went into the week with a goal of having a near perfect week of eating (I know better and I should have set goal for consistency not perfection) and sabotaged myself.


[my newest accesory - kinesio tape]

Another part of this is the fact that I’m frustrated that I’m injured – I can still work out (and have been doing so with my coach modifying things for me) but it is incredibly frustrating to only front squat 80lbs when you’re supposed to be/are perfectly capable of front squatting 125lbs for reps.


[my modified workout from this morning]

These aren’t excuses though – I know I shouldn’t eat the gfree chicken alfredo, hell, I don’t even particularly like chicken alfredo (and I especially dislike how it makes me feel) – but I ate it anyway. I know that the dessert I made isn’t special, I can make it anyway I want, but I still have some anyways. The morale of the story is – I need to make conscious decisions and remember to pick my poison and I need to make this a habit. My goal for the rest of week and the month is to try and do those things – who is with me?


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