Paleo Peppermint Bark

I confess, I am a mint & chocolate fiend. It is one of my favorite combinations anytime of the year but I get especially mint chocolate crazed around the holidays. I made a batch of dark chocolate peppermint bark the other day to include in my holiday treat bags that I'm gifting everyone this year and I won't lie, I ate WAY too much of it. I could probably eat an entire tray of peppermint bark - no exaggeration. Of course, I felt awful after eating so much sugar and had a sugar hangover an hour later.  BUT I'm determined to enjoy the flavor of chocolate & peppermint together so this was my solution: paleo peppermint bark.


Now, I will say, that this does NOT taste  exactly like the real thing - my goal wasn't to make something that tastes exactly the same - I was aiming for something that had chocolate + peppermint flavors but didn't leave me feeling awful afterwards. You could throw some melted dark chocolate in the mix and it would probably taste nearly the same as regular peppermint bark, though. Even though it doesn't taste exactly the same, it totally satisfies my chocolate + peppermint cravings.

I apologize in advance for any cocoa induced comas.

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[gmc_recipe 4274]