Allspice Scented Apples with Bacon Fat

This weekend was a much needed mini-vacation and I'm so glad we got to spend time with my husband's parents and relax. We ate, drank, and relaxed in the hot tub - which is really how all weekends should be. Due to our weekend getaway and some unfortunate intercostal muscle strains (UGH, I'll talk about this later but let's just say it's irritating, painful, and downright annoying), I've been a bit behind getting started on the week.  My to-do list is pretty overwhelming and spending half of my morning at my sports medicine doctor & PT means I have less time to check it off. So what do I do?  I procrastinate by cooking things in bacon fat. DSC_1839

I can't take credit for the idea of sauteing apples in bacon fat - although I would like to hug the person that DID think of that brilliant idea. Truth be told, I was inspired by a dessert we had at one of my now favorite restaurants - we had THE best panna cotta topped with sauteed apples that were ah-mazing. It took us to minute to figure it out, but we soon realized that the apples had been cooked in bacon fat which gave them this unbelievable rich, smokey flavor. We have never seen the apples since (SAD) but luckily, they are pretty easy to create at home.


These are delicious on their own or on top of this pulled pork or even some delicious vanilla coconut ice cream. Also, it makes your kitchen smell amazing. Basically, you need these in your life.

[gmc_recipe 4155]