Pie Making, Thanksgiving, and Relaxing

The past few days have been full of cooking, relaxing, and crossfit. Pretty much my ideal long weekend. I spent Wednesday making my bourbon pecan pie & a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Also, making pies with hand tears is, um, interesting.



We hosted the big meal this year - everything went great and we have so.much.food.




On the menu: Brined turkey Ham Mashed potatoes Sweet potatoes with bourbon coffee delicious sauce (my mom made this - it was insane) Green beans with bacon Gfree sausage stuffing My mom's cranberry sauce (one of my favorite things ever) Regular stuffing Spoon bread Gfree pumpkin pie Gfree bourbon chocolate pecan pie My sis-in-law's cheesecake

After stuffing ourselves and giving myself a sugar hangover, we just cleaned & relaxed. So nice.

On Friday, I went to the gym for open gym session including snatches, heavy cleans, DB strict press, and bent rows.


We spent the rest of Friday going to the movies to see Lincoln (highly recommend), going to a brewery, and eating tacos.



Now, after a date with "Jackie" this morning, I plan on sitting my couch and relaxing the day away.

Happy Saturday!