Paleo Sweet Potato Casserole with Coconut Almond Streusel

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means everyone and their mother (literally) is working on planning what to make for the big dinner. I finally got myself together and planned our dinner (we're hosting this year) and I kept it pretty simple - just the classics. One of my favorite dishes every Thanksgiving? Sweet potato casserole. DSC_1804_01

I've pretty much never met a sweet potato casserole I didn't like but I prefer mine to be slightly sweet and marshmallow free. These little casseroles are just that - slightly sweet (with NO sugar since I'm nixing sugar right now) and not a marshmallow in sight. Instead, they are topped with a coconut and almond streusel that I may or may not have eaten several spoonfuls of on it's own.


Sweet potatoes + almond  + coconut = serious Thanksgiving bliss.

[gmc_recipe 4039]