Five Things Friday

I've got a busy day of work ahead before we head out for a little mini weekend away so let's get to it.  

Five Delicious Things:

1. Giant brussel sprouts


2. I made delicious pork tenderloin & forgot to take a picture/write down the recipe. That just means I have to make it again.

3. This cider which tastes like heaven


4. I busted out the crockpot to make beef coconut curry - used this recipe for inspiration. So good.

5. Crispy green beans!




Five Workouts:

1. Monday: Front squats & handstands. Two of my favorite things.


2. Tuesday: Push press & "Fran". Ugh, Fran. Scaled at 53# thrusters and assited pull ups. Time of 8:36. Time spent laying on my back & trying not to die: 10 minutes.


3. Wednesday: Strict Press & 30 min AMRAP of: 6 20inch box jumps, 12 65# push press, and 300m row. Got 10m shy of 7 rounds.

4. Thursday: 10 min AMRAP of KB swings (16kg) - got 293 reps!


5. Friday: Deadlifts & 1600m run. Trying to run, fast, after heavy deadlifts & nearly 300 KB swings is rough. Especially when it is a 30-something degrees out.


Five Random Things:

1. I started reading this book - LOVE IT.


2. This lady decided to have an adventure and give me a heart attack in the process. Thankfully, she came back home and is safe and sound.


3. Protein peppermint mochas & NeoCell giveaway (don't forget to enter!)

4. We put up our xmas tree!


5. This tea is insanely delicious. YUM.