Crossfit Progress & Goals

I owe you all a Crossfit update since my one month progress post. I've been doing Crossfit about 2 1/2 months (5x a week most weeks) and have to say that I enjoy it more every day. This past training cycle was a rough one for me and I felt like I could have done better but it gave me an idea of what I need to work on this cycle and where I'm headed. So without further ado, here are lots of lists of lots of things because I love lists!

[photo by Joshua Winn (fellow Crossfitter and pro photographer).  I need to work on hand conditioning, ha.]

Progress & What I'm Working On

1. My head STILL gets in the way, but I’m getting better: I still doubt myself when it comes to certain things but lately, I’ve been able to get to a different space mentally when I need to conquer something. I’ve figured out that what works for me is visualizing/thinking through the movement from start to finish and then shutting my brain completely off. I've also been better at taken shorter/no rests and just getting through heavier metcon type WODs - again, I just stop thinking and keep moving. If I continue to think it through, I overthink it and usually fail the movement or psych myself out.

I think the biggest example of this is the fact that I did a 30 inch box jump. Box jumps freak me out and we don’t do a ton of them during WODs and when they do pop up, I usually opt for a 16 inch box (I’ve tried out 20 a couple of times). When I saw we had a max box jump work, I internally freaked out. I thought I would get to maybe 26 inches but instead, I got to 30 and barely missed 31. I know that I NEVER would have been able to push that fear aside a couple months ago and I accomplished it because I stopped thinking, I just did it.

[photo by Joshua Winn. That's post-PR, going for 31 inches and just shy of sticking it.]

2. I need to work on my speed and building up intensity: For max effort lifts, I need to work on build up my speed and powering through the lift. We had max effort deadlifts and my coach told me focus on coming up fast and hard and my max effort of 195lbs felt much easier than the previous 190lbs simply because of that change. I think I can get "stuck” so focusing on implementing speed will be helpful. I’ve been working on building up intensity before a max effort or heavy, heavy lift and it’s helped A LOT. I need to continue doing this, especially for oly lifts.

3. Technique, technique, technique: I really want to focus on getting some technique work in for this training cycle especially on my cleans and snatches. I’m vastly more comfortable with the snatch and still have issues with my cleans – this WILL change though. Sometimes I feel like I rely on brute strength to get me through something instead of leveraging the proper technique – my coach calls me out on it and I adjust but I need to drill myself on the techniques I struggle with.


[photo by Joshua Winn. Working up to my max jump - I think that is 28 inches.]


1. Unassisted deadhang pull-up: I’ve got 30lbs left to go to get this and I think I can do it by the end of the year. So far, I’ve PRed by 25lbs in two cycles.

2. 200lb deadlift: I think this will definitely happen next time we test – my current max is 195lbs. After I hit 200lbs, I’m gunning for 1.5x bodyweight which would be about 225.

3. Bodyweight front squat : I’ve got about 15-20lbs until I get this so I don’t think it will happen before December, but hey, you never know!

4. Work on my kip & get one kipping pull up: I need to pop my hips more and work on stringing kips together – I think I could get at least one kipping pull up by the end of the year.

5. Sub 9:00 mile: I’m FAR from a runner and haven’t been running much at all due to my IT band (which is definitely on the mend) but I think this is attainable. My last mile time was 9:02 so I think I can get there.

6. Sub 2:00 500m row: My last 500m max effort was 2:06 so I think I can get this if I really push it. Rowing is my nemesis but I have been doing a lot of it since I can’t run.



[Instagram photo (follow me @gabbysgfree for lots of food, crossfit, and my dog). Front squat PR!]


I did take out a few items (and added a few new ones) from the last post because we haven't retested them yet.

Deadlift: previous PR – 175; New PR – 195

Front squat: previous PR – 130; New PR – 135

Strict press: previous PR - 63; No new PR (well, my left arm PR-ed but my right didn't - it was a wierd/bad day)

Push press: previous PR - 90; New PR – 93

Overhead squat: previous PR - 73x2; New PR – 85 (I do think this could be higher)

Snatch: previous PR 53x3; New PR – 68

Power clean: previous PR- 78; New PR – 83

Box jump: previous PR - none; New PR - 30inches


What PRs have you made lately? What goals are you working on?