WIAW: Favorite Quick & Easy Meals

Sorry it's been a bit quiet around here lately. I'm in the middle of a massive magazine shoot (so excited for you all to see this one - it's awesome!) that has me cooking 6, yes SIX, 5 course dinners this week. Suffice it to say, I'm spending most of my time in the kitchen, doing dishes, or behind my camera.  Eating right during big shoots it can be tough because I'm literally surrounded by delicious food, much of which doesn't fit into my dietary preferences (except everything IS gluten-free). Don't worry, we rarely waste any of it - it usually gets eaten by my husband, given to my brother and his college roommates, or we have people over to help eat it! Lots of shoots and a tight schedule also means I haven't been doing a ton of non-shoot related cooking but I've been trying to make sure to stay on target with my nutrition lately by having lots of food already prepped and making sure we've got things on hand for quick and easy dinners. Here are a few of my favorite quick and easy meals that we've been making lately!



My new favorite combo: fig & pig.




Figs and bacon (or sausage) may be the most addictive combination ever. We usually saute up some bacon or sausage, add veggies like brussel sprouts, mushrooms, etc., add figs and call it dinner.  I could eat this everyday (and probably will) until I'm all out of figs. Which could be awhile.


Green-themed afternoon snack of eggs white with spinach, green apple with almond butter, and green tea. I've eaten this nearly everyday this week - so filling and so delicious. Plus, I love green!


This paleo pad see ew is one of my new favorites. It's super quick to make and requires minimal cook time - a win in my book.


There is more chopping and figs in my future. Happy Wednesday!

Tell me:

What has been your favorite meal this week?