Weekend Things

I'm not quite ready for it to be Monday. I need a gallon of coffee and I'm not quite over the fact that my stove shorted out yesterday and arc welded a hole through my giant All Clad stockpot (thankfully, it didn't explode!). Ugh. Let's not talk about it. So instead of dwelling on the busy week ahead, let's just pretend it's still the weekend. Here is a peek at the past few days (minus the billion hours I worked): 20120909-212111.jpg

1. Friday kicked off with a 15lb pull up PR - getting closer to my goal of a dead hang!


2. Best margarita ever at Tio Pablo's - if you're in Richmond and haven't gone yet, GO! Best tacos ever and everything is gluten free!


3. Saturday involved taking SIX MINUTES off my Jackie time while also cutting my pull up assist in half.


4. My favorite post workout breakfast: eggs, sweet potato with cinnamon, and blueberries with almond butter.


5. After doing yard work, cooking, and shooting all day, we all crashed out early on Saturday. We are clearly party animals.


6. I bought the first of many pumpkins.


7. Sunday morning grain free pancakes are my favorite tradition.


8. Sunday we had the first taste of fall weather and I can't wait for it to stick around.


Tell me: What was the highlight of your weekend?