FitBloggin Video & Day 2 Highlights

After a busy day on day 1, I took it a bit easier on day 2. I didn’t attend as many sessions since I was only interested in a few of them and I wanted to spend more time meeting and talking with people.  I also didn’t do any of the workouts that day since my quads were seriously feeling the back-to-back WODs from Friday. My roommates and I spent the morning getting ready, attending a few sessions, and then making a video about staying fit and FitBloggin. Check it out – I’m such a dork. Also, major kudos to Meg for her awesome editing and video skills:

After our little video adventure, I spent the afternoon being epic and doing handstands in front of our 11th floor window (thanks PuraVit for the great shirts!),


attending more sessions, and talking more Crossfit with Sarah (who, by the way, is a complete badass. She pretty much schooled everyone in pistol squats in the lobby!)


Later, we ended up going to dinner with a great group of people including: Meg, Sana, Ericka, Lindsay, Jill, Bex and her husband Justin, some nice folks from Bulu Box, Brendan, and Hank. I had such a fun time talking with everyone about everything from blogging to Crossfit to chicken breeds. Yay for new blog buddies!


[photo from Lindsay's instagram]

Afterwards, some of us went to an Irish bar to grab some drinks, meet up with a few others, and hang out for a bit longer. I ended up calling it a night pretty early and crashed out hard.


Now I’m sitting on a train with Brittany and all of our luggage as we head back to Richmond. I’m sad the weekend is over but I’m very much looking forward to being home. Have a great Sunday everyone!