Crossfit & FitBloggin' Fun

Hello from Baltimore! I’m currently at Fitbloggin and loving every second of it! I arrived via Amtrak with Brittany early on Thursday to attend ExpoEast, which I will recap soon! I’ve got a TON of samples to go through but let’s just say we ate our way through the giant expo and had definite food comas!  After ExpoEast, I checked in to the hotel and hung around for a bit before heading out to the mixer to decorate badges and mingle – stickers for the win! 20120921-211046.jpg

Fitbloggin was so generous and we got some serious swag bags and great Reebok gear, including the new RealFlex shoes that are designed to move with your foot and are extremely comfortable and versatile – I can’t wait to wear them to some Crossfit workouts soon!

After mixing and meeting, I got to meet my roommates– Ericka from the Sweet Life, Meg from RunFitKin, and Sana from SuperSana and we all settled in. We went to eat dinner and get to know each other and it turns out three of us are avid Crossfitters and all four of us are FitFluential Ambassadors so we had some fun talking about our different fitness and Crossfit experiences.


The next morning, Meg and I decided to drop in at a local box,  Crossfit Harbor East. It was a short 1.5 mile walk to the box so we rocked our knee socks, I chugged some Fitmixer aminos (thanks, Fitmixer!) and we took in the gorgeous harbor scenery.  Once we arrived at Harbor East, we stretched and talked with the coach.


Our coach was Brandon Chasen – he competited in the Crossfit Games! - who was extremely nice and accommodating. We both felt at right at home with the rest of the class and had such a great experience.   Everyone was extremely welcoming and the WOD was killer! I did a modified WOD since I’m not supposed to be running with my IT band issue:


I used the Rx weight of 16kg kettlebell & did swings during the time when people ran.

50 goblet lunges

Run 200m

40 goblet lunges

Run 400m

30 goblet lunges

Run 600m

20 goblet lunges

Run 800m

I did 305 swings & the lunges in 17:46. My legs are already feeling it!



[photo courtsey of Reebok's instagram]

After we walked back, we had to pretty much head straight to the Reebok WOD (in my sweaty, chalk covered clothes) at the conference where we had a quick information session and then did a quick partner WOD:

2 rounds of:

1 min air squats

1 min sit ups

1 min burpees

It was a fun WOD and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  I even got to chat with the Reebok affiliate relationship  manager who taught an Olympic lifting workshop at our box a few weeks ago (Hi, Meredith!).


Afterwards, we talked,  and took photos with a bunch of sponsors including Reebook and PopChips – we had a bit too much fun :) Afterwards, I  got some food and talked Crossfit with serious badass Sarah from Run Write Conquer, got ready, and hit the sessions for the rest of the afternoon. I learned a TON of information and can’t wait to put some of it into practice.  (Check out the FitBloggin site to read the LiveBlogs of the sessions!)

Afterward all of the sessions, we went and got some delicious seafood from Rusty Scupper’s and walked along the harbor – it was so gorgeous! I actually busted out my camera and took some photos - I couldn't resist the beautiful scenery.

[photo from Sana]

I'm off to get some sleep and get ready for another fun-filled day tomorrow. See you all soon! If you're at FitBloggin, be sure to say hi!