WIAW: Vitamins & Supplements

Every Wednesday (or Tuesday night) I rack my brain for ideas to blog about something different for What I Ate Wednesday. I'm boring and eat the same thing every day so instead, I try to mix it up and share some basic things that I do or things that affect me everyday. When I sat down to type up my post for today, I originally had something completely different but then realized that I've never talked about some important things that I use every day - vitamins and supplements.

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While I always aim to get most of my nutrients and vitamins from whole foods, sometimes it isn't always possible. The vitamins and supplements I take (with the exception of ALA and a multivitamin) I use to help me get extra nutrients that I need to keep going. For example, I eat a TON of eggs - we go through about 2 dozen a week on average - yet I have chronically low vitamin D levels. I eat more kale, spinach, and leafy greens than most people I know, combined, but my calcium is low and I've got weak bones. Moral of the story - whole foods are the best but vitamins and supplements are important to help fill the gaps.


Here is a list of what I use on a daily basis:

  • BCAAS: I use these pre-workout since I workout fasted. Occasionally, I will use intra-workout for a tough workout and post-workout if I know I'm going to be insanely sore. I'm almost out of my current brand and I'm not in love with it. Any recommendations?
  • Multivitamin: A good basic one to take
  • Fish Oil: The above photo pretty much sums it up.
  • ALA: My nutritionist recommended this to me to help with my horrendous insulin resistance, so I've been taking it for a few months.
  • Vitamin D: I take a HUGE dose of vitamin D everyday - if I don't, my levels get very low, very quickly.
  • Calcium: Bad knees, foot fracture, and osteopenia means I'm taking these bad boys for life.
  • Protein powder: I try to use my protein powder only post-workout and occasionally in a nighttime snack. I love my Sunwarrior but it's not cutting it for recovery so I'm hoping to try a few other recovery powders and find one I like.

It seems like a lot to remember, and it is, but it's become so routine now that I don't even think twice about it. Plus, if I do forget, my body can tell and reminds me that forgetting them is not a good idea. Speaking of which, it's about time to get some breakfast and take them.  Happy Wednesday - one day closer to Friday - YES!

Tell me: What supplements and vitamins do you take every day? Fellow Crossfitters, what is your favorite recovery powder?