Grab and Go Grain-Free/Paleo Friendly Snacks

I'm so glad it's Friday - these week went by quickly but I'm more than ready to sleep in for a day or two. My big weekend plans involves working like crazy, Crossfit, and going up to Northern Virginia to see my in-laws. That means doing laundry, packing, and making sure I have enough snacks. paleo banana almond muffins

I think snacks are particularly important when you're gluten-free, grain-free, or have other dietary restrictions since it is more likely than not that eating out is going to be hassle and you could be stuck without enough food. I usually have food with me if we're going somewhere new or going to be out for awhile. I mean, there is nothing worse than being hungry and finding out all you can eat at a restaurant is some roasted vegetables. I'm pretty sensitive to gluten, so cross-contamination is always a difficult issue plus I eat,  a lot. I've struggled with eating enough for years and although it's gotten easier, there are still days when I wake up starving (I usually don't eat until 8:30sih) so I know I didn't hit my calories the previous day.  Long story short, I eat pretty frequently, so having snacks on hand is a must!


I spent some time this afternoon making sure that our grab & go snack supply was well stocked and thought I would share a few of my favorite grab & go paleo-friendly and/or grain-free snacks:

Nuts: I usually keep bags of almonds with me at all times. Grain-free granola is also great to have on hand.

Fruits: Our pear tree is currently going insane so I've been taking lots of pears with me. Apples are a great travel snack, too.

Protein powder + shaker bottle: Not totally paleo (then again, I'm not totally paleo), but it's one of my go-to snacks.

Muffins: These muffins are a great snack to have on hand.


Hardboiled Eggs: I usually grab these when I know I'm going to eat them within the next half hour (food safety) or take them with me where I have fridge access.

Nut butter: Almond butter solves all problems. The end.

Raw veggies: Carrots and bell peppers are my personal favorite.

Jerky: I actually have yet to find a gluten-free jerky that I really like but it's a great option if you can find it!

I actually had a difficult time coming up with this list since I eat the same thing nearly every day - but, I could use some different grab and go snacks. Time to get back in the kitchen and do more laundry (does it ever end?!). Have a great weekend, everyone!

What are your favorite grab & go snacks?