My Fitfluential Fitness Bucket List

As a Fitfluential Ambassador we were asked (a looong time ago, ha) to come up with our fitness bucket list on Pinterest. I had never really given much thought to a fitness bucket list since I tend to think in terms of "goals" rather than "must do items". With that said, here are some items my current bucket list with some goals and some definite must do before I die items! [all images taken from Pinterest - sources linked on my board]

"Try crossfit" - DONE. I've been doing Crossfit for a month now and have no plans on stopping.


"Deadlift 1.5 times bodyweight" - I'm confident I can get this. Currently I'm about 58lbs away from this goal.

"Do yoga in India" - I think this would be an amazing experience. I actually have extended family in India so maybe this will happen in the near-ish future!

"Go on several adventures" - This is a bit vague but encompasses some of my other bucket list items like rock climbing and learning to scuba dive.

"Do unassisted pull up" - One of my goals I'm currently working towards. I'm getting closer everyday!

(Why is this so small?!)

"Get my personal trainer certification/fitness nutrition cerfitication" - Yup. This is happening in the very near future. My goal isn't necessarily to become a trainer or full time nutritionist but I think getting my certification will be a huge learning experience. Plus, I'm just a nerd who loves learning and schoolwork. True story.


Tell me:

What is on your fitness bucket list?